Release Notes - v2.3

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.3 - 2019-05-31 (19.0531.26568)

New Features
SFTP Datasource
uniquevisitors metric to API
New Log Format: IIS


update org db
Linux: investigate angelfishd behavior
Update Help - Ask a Question
USR: Update sessionization logic
Investigate geocity usage by IT processing
Update Log Field Labels
Single digits in date & time log fields
Update W3C log format label
Server Status: redundant fields?
New Browser: Yandex
Update New Profile Wizard
Windows installer package is unsigned
Ignore Inflated Visits: default value unchecked
Update Location tooltip
Error with UNC & 2 Datasources
Plus Signs in Keywords
Update Location Tooltip in Datasource
Login Page Updates
add /datasource/testsftp handler
add sftp datasource type to schema and api
update /datasource/dirlist handler to accept sftp datasource type
update log processing to support sftp datasource type
SFTP Datasource UI
Add processing's commit limit as an agf.conf setting.
Use lock files to ensure hits and visit processing are always working from the same log file.
Update Leftnav Label
Update Modal
AYA Config Check
Update datasource "Find Matches" functionality to use local server time instead of utc time.



Bug Fixes
hits processor doesn't spawn
Hit processing and visit processing don't always process datasources in the same order.
Update configmigration to look for a port at the end of importuserinfo output.
IPv6 addresses show an org
angelfishd.error.log messages
Update Landing Page Segment
Windows: SFTP Datasource keeping files instead of deleting
SFTP Job indicates error
Version mismatch
SFTP Datasource appears as UNC in modal
AGF encoding issue
Can't remove email address from user.
Build System isn't gzipping

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