Enable "Ask Your Admin" Feature

Starting with Angelfish v2.3, the Ask Your Admin feature allows end users to email questions & comments to your Angelfish admins, directly from the reports.  This feature is accessed via the Help icon in the lower left corner of the report screens.

In order for this feature to work properly, an Angelfish admin needs to configure Angelfish with the following settings:

1) SMTP Settings

The SMTP Settings section on the Configure - Global - Settings page needs the following fields filled out:

  • SMTP host
  • SMTP port
  • SMTP username
  • SMTP password

 2) Email Address

At least one of the user accounts with global admin rights must have a valid email address in the Email Address field.  This can be configured in Configure - Global - Users.

Once both of the above requirements are met, users will be able to send questions (via email) to the Angelfish admins.

This feature does not open a support ticket with the Angelfish Software Support team.  Only Angelfish admins can open support tickets, and this is accomplished on the Support tab of the Configure - Global - About page.

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