Release Notes - v2.21

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.21 - 2018-05-25 (18.0525.26444)


  • Updates to IP address & org databases
  • Updates to browser & platforms lists
  • Show HTML-encoded characters in reports (i.e. stop decoding them)
  • Various improvements improve report loading by approximately 33%
  • Added security-related HTML headers to angelfishd responses
  • Minor bug fixes & visual improvements


  • CentOS 6: installation errors
  • geo lookups fail to find data for IPs when running angelfishd as a service
  • Broken Link: Help Articles
  • Hit skipped when Request Time (%S) in log format
  • Goals can't be deleted with 5 goals
  • Log Format: update field regex for %u and %*
  • Reports: All Nav & Content Drilldown reports don't work with parens in path
  • Can't segment on values with double quotes in them.
  • Upgrade Sample Profile Data.
  • Startup error uninitialized value $user in lc at /</usr/local/26307/angelfishd> line 149
  • Referral Page filter field spelling mismatch in UI
  • UA detection issue
  • Landing Pages: Time on Page metric oddities
  • Linux: forked children can't be killed by agfsctl
  • Passthrough Auth user settings not reflecting global defaults.
  • Fix URL Encoding Issues

New Features

  • Add DB Maintenance pre-check
  • Delete Specific Visits
  • Add Time on Page metric to 3 reports & segments
  • Server Status Updates


  • Update SSL article in Support Center
  • Update Date on login page
  • Update Delete Data Completion Message
  • Update default agf.conf settings
  • Update Default Pageview Query Parameters
  • Add Pageview Query Parameters to New Profile Wizard
  • Add Tooltips to Profile's Datasource tab
  • Add Tooltips to Profile's Filter tab
  • Update Passthru Tooltip
  • Update Email Admin modal tooltip
  • Reduce Licensing Timeout
  • Mgmt UI: Show vs and it db file size in summary tab
  • Update Delete Message Formatting
  • Update DB Maintenance default
  • AGF: update tracking code to use "edge"
  • Upgrader: show Profile ID being worked on while Page table upgrades
  • Add use_header_file and header_file_location to agf.conf on Upgrade.
  • Bold section titles in Delete Data tooltip


  • Update browser detection to support Edge.
  • API: username case sensitivity for auth
  • Stop writing "rmtree failed" messages in angelfishd.error.log
  • Update IP db
  • Create org db
  • Update DB library
  • Update Delete Data button Tooltip
  • Update "Email Admin" label
  • Update Browser Detection
  • Angelfishd: require GET & POST methods only
  • Evaluate & Apply Security Fixes
  • Add Manual License link to licensing modal
  • Update Daily Summary
  • Update Date Sub logic to use server time
  • Add Time on Page column to visitor modal
  • Server ID Check in License Field
  • Add "this is not a license" message to licensing modal
  • Org DB updates
  • Update Linux installation readme
  • Update README.SSL-txt
  • Org subrecords
  • Upgrade: encode invalid URL characters in page and file tables
  • Processor: stop decoding URL characters
  • Update Contents of Server Status tab
  • Create Opt-out for attaching Server Status to support tickets
  • Upgrade: add Attach Server Status checkbox
  • Support Site: handle Server Status query parameters
  • Update Browser Detection in Tracking Code
  • Upgrade: logic for upgrading spaces in Pages
  • add rel="noopener noreferrer" to target="_blank" links
  • add "X-Content-Type-Options" header with value "nosniff" to responses
  • send the "X-XSS-Protection" header with value "1" on all responses
  • Disable caching on all SSL pages
  • create headers file to read additional http headers from
  • add X-Frame-Options header with value of deny to http responses
  • Update /api/manage/profiles/deletedata handler.
  • UI details for Specific Visit Deletion
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