Compare Angelfish to Urchin Software

Edit Date: March 2014



  Urchin 7

  Urchin 6

  Urchin 5

  64-bit Support   yes   yes   no   no
  Requires 3rd Party Database   no   yes   yes   no
  Nested Segments   yes   no   no   no
  Support Included   yes   no   no   no
  Software Updates   yes   no   no   no
  Stolen Bandwidth Reports   yes   no   no   no
  Visitor Tracking Methods   6   2   2   5
  Supports Windows 2008 & 2012   yes   yes   yes   no
  Parallel Profile Processing   yes   yes   no   no
  Calendar Presets   yes   no   no   no
  Access All Data via API   yes   no   no   no
  Goals Per Profile   5   4   4   1
  Spike Analysis (hourly view)   on roadmap   no   no   no
  Track Marketing Initiatives   yes   yes   yes   yes
  Google Analytics Data Upload   yes   no   no   no
  Bulk Update Utility   yes   no   no   no
  Segment by Content   yes   no   no   no
  Segment by IP Address   yes   no   no   no
  Centralized GIF Collection   yes   no   no   no
  Admin Status Emails   yes   no   no   no
  Custom Dashboards   on roadmap   no   no   no
  Event Tracking   on roadmap   yes   no   no
  Custom Reports   on roadmap   yes   yes   yes
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