Use Existing Campaign Variables with AGF Tracking Code

Using the Custom Code Page

Angelfish is absolutely able to read and recognize any Marketing Variables that may already be included in your marketing links.  All you must do is tell the Angelfish tracking code which parameters to look for, that will contain the marketing data.  It is very easy to update the Angelfish tracking code for this purpose.

  1. Go to the Custom Angelfish Tracking Code page
  2. Update the fields for the Marketing Source, Medium, Name, Keyword, and Variation, Query Parameters.
  3. [Make sure any other fields changed previously are entered here again, since it will download the entire file, according to these fields.]  
  4. Click the Download button at the bottom of the page and save the file
  5. Paste this into your website, overwriting the angelfish.js file already on your site

That's all there is to it.  You can now track your currently existing marketing terms and categories without a more drawn out process.


Use a JavaScript function

You may also use the JavaScript function created to do this same thing.  This is another option if you do not wish to download a new file (which is easier anyway).  In the Angelfish code snippet on all of your site's page(s) use this JavaScript:


saveMarketingVariables({source: 'SOURCE', medium: 'MEDIUM', campaign: 'CAMPAIGN', keyword: 'KEYWORD', content: 'CONTENT'})

Default would be saveMarketingVariables({source: 'agfs', medium: 'agfm', campaign: 'agfc', keyword: 'agfk', content: agfr})


Change the strings within the single quotes to your custom variables.  This will now allow Angelfish to track those as the marketing variables.

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