Urchin Migration Tags

What do the tags mean after a migration?

There will be tags present, which were automatically added to some profiles, datasources, and filters.  Below is a description of each one and some actions you can take.



Profiles that are setup as IPUA tracking method need to be checked for a couple things.  
Pageview File Extensions should be carefully reviewed, since this controls what gets counted as a pageview.  Make sure the file extensions in this field are all accurate.  
Store Hits should be carefully reviewed, this is the IT Reports data and needs to be setup if required. 


When migrated all data from the configuration database in Urchin is simply moved into the Angelfish database.  Goals are normally perfectly fine no matter which environment they are being processed under, although checking to make sure the destination page, or goal page, is still the same under Angelfish is a good idea.  


Datasources formats are very often set to 'auto' in Urchin.  These must be changed to the correct log format based on the profile's logs.  A pre-defined log format can be chosen, or a Custom Log Format may be created in the Global > Log Formats administration menu.


Datasources with this tag must be checked for location definition.  Some log location strings in Urchin have a single asterisk (*) in them to signify "match anything".  In Angelfish a period-asterisk (.*) is used instead, to be more strict, and the log location string will need to be corrected to match Angelfish's file matching regex usage.


Log locations in Urchin may have empty fields.  This occurs mainly if a local log source had been updated to a remote log source, and fields were left empty wen saving it.  Any Angelfish datasources with this tag should be closely inspected to be assured the remote settings are valid.


Urchin does not require a hostname be entered in the profile setting, yet Angelfish does.  During migration the Angelfish migration utility overlooks the empty hostname fields, though you will want to update them once migration is complete.  Angelfish will also prompt you for this if changes are made to the profile settings.

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