Dimension Names from Angelfish to Urchin

When migrating the configuration data from Urchin to Angelfish you are likely to see a "Filters Not Migrated" section after the process is complete.

This is because Urchin stores more and different database fields.

This list shows which fields match between the two applications.

Angelfish Field Name Urchin Field Name Human Readable Name
 b_name  browser_base  Browser Name
 b_version  browser_version  Browser Version
 campaign utm_campaign   Campaign
 content  utm_content  Campaign Content
 city  geo_city  City
 country  geo_country  Country Code
 file  cs_uristem  Filename
 host  c_host  Hit Hostname
 ip  c_ip  IP Address
 keyword  utm_term  Keyword
 language  utm_language  Browser Language
 medium  utm_medium  Medium
 page  request_stem  Page Stem
 ssl  request_protocol  Page SSL
 title  utm_page_title  Page Title
 os_name  platform_base  Platform
 os_version  platform_version  Platform Version
 query_string  request_query  Query String
 isp  geo_organization  Service Provider
 source  utm_source  Source
 state  geo_region  State/Region
 status  sc_status  Status Code
 udv  user_defined_variable  User-defined Variable
 ua  cs_useragent  User Agent
 type  utm_type  Visitor Type


This will come into play when creating filters and when migrating configuration information.

You are likely to see a "Filters Not Migrated" line in the Migration Error Summary with a number specified.

This is due to the dimension fields within that Urchin filter not corresponding to an existing Angelfish dimension field for the same dimension.

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