First Login and Changing the Admin Password


Navigate to Angelfish

In your browser address bar, enter the IP address or hostname of the Angelfish server and the TCP port used by Angelfish (default is 9000). For example:

If the port was changed during installation, please replace "9000" with the correct port.

You should see a login prompt, similar to the below image:




Default Admin Username/Password

Each Angelfish installation comes with a built-in administrator account. Use it to log in your first time:

Username: admin

Password: Angelfish123 



Changing Default Password

Once logged in, you may change the default admin password by clicking on the User icon (admin) and selecting 'Settings'.   This icon displays the name of the currently logged in user, so when other report viewers are logged in to Angelfish their respective names will appear under the image in place of the current "admin".





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