Release Notes - Angelfish Software - v2.19.3

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.19.3 - 2016-08-17 (16.0817.26162)



New Default Filter for SharePoint
IE Browser Detection
Count 304s as pageview
Remove Include Known Browsers Filter
Update Code Signing Certificate
Update Geo Libraries
Add Use IE Trident Token checkbox to Profile Settings
Update UGA processing logic for UA profiles
Support the %{format}t field in custom log formats.
Support the %dd, %dm, %dy fields in custom log formats.
Support the %Th, %Tm, %Ts, and %Tz fields in custom log formats.
UGA: update parameter mappings for UA Profiles
UGA-UA: update campaign parameter detection logic
UGA-UA processing: parse browser/platform/mobile from user agent string


Bug Fixes

Update Custom Date Range Delete Logic
Stolen Bandwidth forces lowercase
IT Reports only include GET & POST methods
UGA (ua.gif) processing isn't parsing pages & hostnames
Support any delimiter in custom log formats.
Issues with passthru auth & IE
Allow custom log formats to have %T before %d.
UGA-UA doesn't show direct (none)
Multiple visits with multiple datasources
new usr/session post processing not snipping inflated visits
trimming inflated visits leaves orphan goals
Update UGA-UA Sessionization logic
OWASMIME incorrectly parsed from user agent
Processing caches browser and platform info by visitor id instead of visit id.
UGA-UA uses one browser & platform & version for all visits

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