Release Notes - Angelfish Software - v2.19.1

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.19.1 (16.0208.26049)

This release prepares Angelfish for the UI rewrite in v2.2 and contains some minor performance improvements.

Release Date:

Feb 8, 2016

- Windows: long delay before processing starts with large UNC datasource
- Windows: silence /logging requests in angelfishd.log
- Update build system to automatically sign the windows installer and update release notes.
- Add sql to upgrade 2.19 page, pageview, and visit tables to 2.19.1
- Journaling: use TRUNCATE
- Upgrader: Update WAL to TRUNCATE in agf.conf
- Remove enclosing transaction statements from upgrade.
- Change SERIAL to SERVER ID in support email.
- Clear out /results/ with new API requests
- Windows Upgrader: verify PRAGMA settings
- Update 2015 to 2016

Bug Fixes
- The Sys::Info::OS module sometimes returns undef strings
- Segmentation on the Exit Page report doesn't use the Exit Page dimension
- Exit Page Segment broken
- Duplicate Rows in Page Table
- Encoded Keywords being overwritten
- All Navigation reports aren't loading correctly
- Processing creates duplicate rows in visit table
- Upgrader: consolidate duplicate VS IDs in visit table
- USR: engagement calculation error
- Bandwidth processing doesn't pick up all hostnames
- Windows: kill zombie processes when Angelfish starts
- Remove the DROP and CREATE INDEX statements in 2.17 sqlupdate stanza.
- API: pageview count doesn't match row total in visitor modal
- angelfishd not releasing memory
- Search by Tags feature doesn't work in User settings
- Windows: angelfishd dies if agfsapi.exe pid doesn't exist
- Vacuum silently fails on windows

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