Release Notes - Angelfish Software v2.17

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.17 - 2015-10-08 (15.1008.25879)

New Features & Improvements:

- For AGF tracking, cache last visit data
- Use GMT with All IP Addresses & Broken Links
- More efficient processing on Windows
- Updated Filter: Exclude Search Engine Bots
- Windows: install Angelfish shortcuts for all users
- Updated behavior for Delete Profile Group
- User Agent Updates: Windows 8.1 and 10
- Updated processing logic for Stolen Bandwidth report
- Trial Version: show Expiration Bar
- Show message when an instance approaches expiration
- Add "Manual License Request" to Support Type dropdown
- Add Tooltip: Timezone
- Updated Geo IP databases
- Processlogs handles milliseconds in time field
- Windows: show console window when stopping/starting Angelfish
- Updated SMTP Username tooltip
- Segment caching
- Updated data API


- Non-chronological logs or log records cause incorrect pageview count, weird time on page, engagement, etc
- Bounce Rate incorrect when processing the same log twice
- Processing stuck if UNC source isn't available
- Permaspinny if angelfishd not available
- Passthrough Auth doesn't work with cached report data
- CentOS/RHEL: GLIBC error
- Configmigration stops for invalid regex
- Filters don't work with regex optimizer enabled
- GAUpload --today doesn't upload the expected metrics to GA
- Nav Components Grayed with Bad Input message
- UGA: returning visits lumped into previous visit
- AGF Code: (possible) bug with visit expiration
- USR: wrong timestamp for first pageview.
- UGA: valid pageviews require __utmb cookie
- Task history .th files use 666 permissions
- Dashboard bar graph widgets in single container
- AGF Code: Internal referral page on second session
- Extra padding at top of mgmt UI
- Windows Data API: profile snapshot request is slow
- Slow Windows API request: Top Mediums Widget
- Slow Windows API Request: Mobile Usage widget
- Passthru auth: "escaped_fragment" in URL
- Ignore Log Tracking applied to all jobs in queue
- Top edge of UI is trimmed
- Old API workers prevent angelfishd from starting
- crf.lock files aren't cleared by "Clear Cache" or processing
- Visits processing is sometimes slow
- Windows: angelfishd crashes when clicking a report before the current report loads, with SSL enabled
- Create file in /(profile id)/ directory
- processlogs: clear out /tmp/, if exists
- Linux Licensing Errors: can't unlock instance
- Reset Time button is misaligned in Chrome and FF
- Daily aggregates don't match Profile day start
- configmigration: can't handle spaces in path on Windows
- configmigration: can't login with migrated passwords
- configmigration --rollback issues on Windows
- Filters: new profile error with "add filter to new profiles" enabled
- New Profile Wizard: creating a new filter clears out the Selected List
- Processing hangs with mixed local and UNC datasource types

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