Release Notes - Angelfish Software v2.14 - v2.15 - v2.16

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version 2.14 - 2.15 - 2.16

New Features:
- Account passwords now encrypted with a DoD-compliant algorithm.
- Detailed logging for log processor
- Provisioning
- Processing summary status page
- Skip Cache Creation Checkbox

- Processing speed improvements for IT reports.
- Added a configurable timeout setting for all HTTP-related activities.
- The "Top Pages" report is now called "Pages".
- Make start-time & end-time api parameters optional
- If log format doesn't match, skip log
- Rename Top Pages to Pages
- Collect total system RAM and # of CPU cores, add to server status page

- Fixed case where IIS logs could be skipped when a lot of non-user traffic was predominant at the start of the log.
- Timezone setting not always changing Line Graph as expected
- Angelfish crashes with invalid ptsession cookie
- Changing name of tracking gif won't process successfully
- Fixed a race condition present in certain situations that use UNC data sources

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