Release Notes - Angelfish Software v2.1 through v2.13

New Features:

- New Report: Link Type
- New Report: Linking Domains
- New Report: Linked Files
- Spike Analysis
- Geo info available on a per-address basis
- Report on hits/leech/download as percentage of total hits/leech/download
- Mobile browser filtering
- Silent installation on non-default ports


- Geo data is cached for faster reports
- Much faster processing when no IT reports are needed
- Security fixes
- Better error reporting
- Smaller memory footprint when processing logs
- Faster reporting UI
- Better performance with UNC datasources
- Complete logtracking for FTP and UNC datasources
- Faster goals segmentation
- DB Maintenance is less resource-intensive
- configmigration: delete db files with rollback
- configmigration: skip users with empty password
- configmigration: update filter field mappings
- configmigration: add --authpass flag
- Updated API splitting logic


- Task History: no updates for a UNC datasource that skips all logs
- AGF tracking: 22 hour engagement
- AGF tracking: Device Type is "-"
- IE: file browser causes IE to hang with large file list
- Slow goals segmentation
- iPod not recognized
- Incorrect bandwidth calculation
- angelfish.js not detecting some browsers
- Percent complete being rounded to 0 with large datasource file count
- configmigration: UNC datasource password migration issues
- Username tracking should ignore pageviews if no username exists
- Calendar time disappears when 00:00:00 is in start or end time
- IE: unspecified error with large task history file
- Reset Time button shown with Calendar Presets
- Reset Time doesn't appear when setting the time via click and drag
- License is expiring a day early
- UI: Can't manually process multiple profiles simultaneously
- User tracking: incorrect pageview counts
- Log processor: update yahoo organic detection for log-based tracking methods
- DB locks during processing
- Prev/Next Oddity over midnight boundary
- All Navigation: wrong pageview count
- Mgmt UI spinny doesn't go away
- Visitor Modal showing incorrect pageview count
- Angelfish sometimes dies when using special characters in a UNC datasource field.
- Empty Segmentation on Landing Pages
- Log processor doesn't handle a port in the cs-host field
- Windows: Angelfishd dying randomly
- UNC: windows to windows issues
- Error reading live log file via UNC
- IIS log records not processed if a Fields line not encountered first
- Calendar Preset menu is off center
- USR: Session Timeout ignored for USR profile

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