Release Notes - Angelfish Software v1.4

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version v1.4 - 2014-05-19 (14.0520.9202)

New Features:

- New tracking method: IP Only
- Profile report data archiving
- Angelfish web server access logging
- Unattended (silent) installation support
- Profile merging
- Scheduled status email, with SMTP Auth


- Faster processing
- Configurable cache size for internal storage DB
- API queries don't have a limit (max results/rows parameter)
- File browser date substitution in file paths and subdirectories
- API Optimization
- Updated Urchin config migration
- "Send Test Email" button
- General optimization and speed improvements
- Updated test coverage
- Chrome OS platform detection
- Support dots in user account names
- Add "Run Now" button to bulk update
- Raw filter optimization
- Cache profile summary requests
- Updated "Exclude Bots" default filter setting
- AGF tracking code: Chrome OS platform detection
- Updated default hit info settings
- Vastly faster log processing for AGF|UGA when IT reports disabled
- Regex optimizer option for filters
- IPv6: accommodate zone index
- Optimized pass-through authentication
- Added 2 new filter fields
- Data Export: add header
- Added archiving status to task history output
- Service Provider is now "Organizations"


- Chinese Android UA not parsed correctly
- Snapshot, line graph: cache files cause line graph to display wrong offset
- Processing doesn't cancel after duplicate job
- Permissions: User that has admin permission to Profile Group cannot log in
- Locale codeset error - cp932
- Date presets in Task History non responsive
- Cache files created after Cancel Job button clicked
- Time Offset not applied
- Data API: multi-month ordering issue
- CLF logs failing to process
- Users: profile list isn't ordered alphabetically
- UNC auth error kills angelfishd
- "Archive After" setting field misnamed
- Summary Send Time cuts off bottom time adjustment elements
- Error when Send Email test settings are not valid.
- Weekly View shows no visits for first week
- Browser redirect loop preventing AGFS UI access
- User Account: column double click doesn't work
- Long User Account names bleed past border
- Not all UI components load over VPN
- Content reports not loading after upgrade from 1.2 to 1.32
- Problems with Request Query log field
- Stolen Bandwidth detection is off
- Downloads report shows unmatched dimensions
- agf.gif appears as a page in non-AGF profiles
- Copied profile not processing correctly
- UI doesn't return message if row count > API row limit
- Windows: installer does not warn and stop if processlogs is running
- Windows: Upgrades don't clear out program listing for previous version
- Windows: uninstall doesn't delete data directory
- Windows: Unexpected Error on Main Page: 500 internal server error
- Windows 2012: Can't Process Data
- Windows: installer issues if port 9000 is in use
- Windows: multi-month line graph doesn't load
- Windows datamigration error: Could not process log line
- Windows: 'Update License' and 'Activate' not restarting services
- Windows: Most Recent view not finding/uncompressing vs.db files, or showing reports
- Linux: Display more descriptive error when port is not available
- Linux: child processes die with api requests
- Linux: installer upgrade, error: Undefined subroutine &main::LogLocal called at line 109.
- Linux: installer fails: Unable to load translation entries
- Linux: Installer denies install after single write permission denial
- Linux: Upgrade causes Angelfish to become expired
- Linux: agfsctl --stop error (hex char: 58)
- Linux: Version on About page, not showing in Linux instance
- Linux: Silent install fails to complete
- AGF tracking code: issues with hostname settings on remote site
- AGF tracking code: < IE9 issue
- AGF tracking code: internal referrals show up as not set

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