Release Notes - Angelfish Software v1.3 - v1.31 - v1.32

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - v1.3 - v1.31 - v1.32

New Features:

New dashboard report: Profile Summary
Report caching IPUA and SID tracking, expanded caching for Windows


Log processing speed improvements
More unit test coverage
Externalized language strings for translation
Scheduler queue for processing
Added clear cache button
Reduced memory footprint on Windows
Task History shows processing queue length

Bug Fixes:

Remove buttons from GA Upload Task History
Filter / Datasource will not move to Selected column when using Search box
Buttons displayed in front of Bulk Update list
FTP datasource: no files found, no files processed
Log processor speed decays exponentially on multiple large logs
Task History missing entries when many jobs run at once
Month option in line graph trims last month
Task history Percent Complete sometimes >100%
Permanent spinny for sample profile in profile summary
Scrollbars are broken in Chrome
Task History: Cannot sort by Start Time and other columns
AGF code using + instead of spaces
Some Report Totals Don't Match Snapshot Totals
Default CLF log format is passing test hits that are not CLF
Angelfish logging time is incorrect
Downloads report showing 404s
Dashboard Data Only and Charts & Data are not loading reports
UNC Error fetching files from subdirectories
Summary Report: goals above Site Usage
Goals tooltip: incorrect Support Article link
UGA tracking: user-defined variable isn't populating
USR tracking: quote not trimmed when username cookie is used
SID tracking: field encapsulating quotes included in visit calculation
Windows: GA Upload crashes
Windows: Angelfish server "starts and then stops" when SSL keys not in place.
Windows: Scheduler/processing stops part-way through daily list of profiles
Windows: Log Processor not adhering to max_log_processors=5 setting in agf.conf
Windows: clicking GA Upload Test button, without settings, kills Angelfish

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