Release Notes - Angelfish Software v1.22

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version v1.22 (13.1218.8679)

New Features:
New default log format added: Jira/Confluence
SSL support on Windows
Report caching for improved UI performance

Windows Start menu shortcuts
Support for Internet Explorer version 11
New and updated currency labels
More code testing coverage
FTP data sources now handled in either binary or ASCII transfer mode
Improved log tracking for FTP data sources
Ability to process compressed logs (bz2, gz, zip) via FTP
New preset segments added to SID and IPUA reports

Bug Fixes:
Filtering Top Files on the kilobytes metric seems to filter by bytes
Windows: Suppress firewall rule message if no firewall
Configmigration: Error: Unable to create data source: Missing Required Field: location
Date substitution matching incorrect data source files
Dash not loading for sample profile
Value__CURRENCY__ is displayed in advanced filtering modal
Migration UNC path is not complete in AGFS location field
ConfigMigration: other than "auto" log format not being tagged with check_log_format
Keyword > Source not displaying for
Quotation marks included when query param at end of referrer string

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