Release Notes - Angelfish Software v1.21

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version v1.21 (13.1115.8569)

New Features:

Nested Segments
IPv6 Support
New Tracking Method: USR (Username)
Accomodations for IE8
Configuration UI admin notes on all objects
Added Week option (YMWDH)


Updated 'Cancel Job' log processing behavior
Added profile tracking method indicator to home page
Updated sample profile report data
Log processing speed improved
Browser & platform detection: MS Office user agents
Added proxy settings for licensing requests
Filter Logic: only Raw (Log) filters affect IT Reports
Added a "Week" option to YMDH switcher
Updated default filter: Exclude SharePoint Content
Updated default filter: Exclude Bots
New Filter: include common methods
Licensing expired page handles secure instances
Pass-Through authentication improvements
Log processing: skip geolocation lookup for private IPs
Datamigration improvements
Updated charts
Updated export to support nested segments
Created predefined segment for countries report
Updated task history behavior
Simplified Windows installer
Added new filters & log format to upgrader
Updated default agf.conf settings

Bug Fixes:

Left nav overlap on small screens
Profile selector not removing Visitor column for IPUA profiles
User modal Save Settings causes terminal error
Bottom Advanced Search box is popping down below screen
Tracking code setCookieDomain() not working as expected
Tooltip hidden under the edge of browser window
Tracking Code: cookies_in_query isn't working
About > Support page acts as browser when clicking the Angelfish logo
Tooltip hides under left side of page
UNC connection error/warning when setting up datasource or processing
US Metro Regions report displaying (not set) > Foreign Regions
GAUpload: 404s report sends everything except 404s
Dash doesn't resize with browser window
Dash widgets make 2 columns with 1280x800
Potential cookie collisions in tracking code.
API limit is ignored
UNC: file browser list returns slowly
Windows: installer still unpacks Sample profile data in default install path
Processlogs: dies when referrer query param matches file extension
Configmigration: Error: Unable to add profile: Invalid value: currency
Configmigration: default custom log formats to '%*' instead of ''.
Datamigration: character encoding issues
Datamigration: uses "no data" instead of "not set"
Windows: angelfishd printing "Angelfish is shutting down" on command line when starting
New profile wizard: tracking method tooltip
Update default timezone logic
Log files processed out of order
IIS Log Format in "i" details
agf.conf contains the max_filters variable
Add Object.keys support to browser that do not support it (IE8).
FTP datasource: files showing up as folders
Processlogs idling; processing very slowly
Linux Upgrader: /bin/tar/ error
Tracking code is sending domain hash
Configmigration: Error: Unable to create data source [...]: Invalid regular expression: *.log
Wrong file extensions when changing tracking methods
Some Timezone settings not matching
GA Upload is not sending time offset
IE8: Object doesn't support this property or method
Processing: date substitution creating "file not found" error
Linux: scheduler runs multiple times
Inconsistent skipped Messages in Task History
Nested segments with browser version
Visitor modal shows background elements
Scheduling settings aren't copied
Dual agfs cookies
Raw filter not applied in AGF and UGA profiles
Linux: UNC datasource "Unable to find any files for data source"
Force browsers not to cache JavaScript and CSS files
Pie chart hover text is hidden under report columns
File Browser doesn't display matched file properly on UNC datasources.
Visitor > More Details not loading visit information
Singapore region segment empty
Log Tracking not applied to UNC Datasources
Lowercase filter not applied to hit info
UNC authentication details cached?
Task history files not loading.
Log tracking skipping over single day where data was deleted
Pass-through auth presenting 400: Bad Request page
IT Reports sometimes not being populated
FTP spaces in datasource path; not able to connect
Windows: scheduler runs sporadically
Linux cannot complete the install when installed to a path with spaces
Nested segment empty with landing page
SID sometimes incorrectly calculating visits
AGF tracking not skipping commented hits in log
Windows: install/uninstall fails when processlogs.exe is running
Upgraded profiles missing referrer query parameters
Search & replace filter shows (log) fields

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