Release Notes - Angelfish Software v1.2

Release Notes - Angelfish Software - Version v1.2 (13.1008.8356)

Release Date:

Oct 7, 2013

New Features:

Training Videos:
Windows Version (Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Windows 7 & 8)
UNC support for Datasources
Google Analytics Upload
Profile Creation Wizard
New Report: Hotlinked Files
New Report: Leeching Domains
New Report: Downloads
New Report: Usernames
New Filter Type: Raw
Default Filter: Include Known Browsers
Default Filter: Include Common Methods
Default Filter: Exclude SharePoint websvc Files
Default Filter: Exclude Private IPs (v4)
Default Filter: Remove Duplicate Slashes


Update Tracking Method indicator
Visitor Details font size change
Help Tips popping up above the screen
Improve angelfishd.error.log details
Goals: add + with preset for conversion page
Add ability to exclude hits that end in /
New Log Format: NCSA Combined + Cookie
New Browser: Chrome Mobile
angelfish.js: mobile browser detection
Default Page Behavior
UI Corrections in Task History calendar
Add DuckDuckGo search engine to tracking code
Add duckduckgo to tracking code
Filters: add column labels to Conditions and Output
Log Format Label: W3C (IIS)
Passthrough Auth: add Enable/Disable buttons
Relabel "Top Content" report to "Top Pages"
Add "Visitor ID" to top level segmentation menu
Utility to reset admin password
Processlogs: increase efficiency of skipping log files
Task History: add "edit profile" and "view reports" links
Improved UI speed with better caching
Stolen Bandwidth Report Updates
Task History Updates

Bug Fixes:

Reporting UI: dimension sorting sorts by first digit
Kill all processing jobs when stopping or restarting angelfishd.
File Browser gets stuck at root directory
When Duplicate Profile attempted Nav bar locks up
Task History time stamp is off
License Update restart is failing due to schedulerd not stopping
SSL_verify_mode of SSL_VERIFY_NONE for client is deprecated!
License needs url encoded before posting with jquery's ajax
Consecutive doublequotes in log field
http/1.1 at end of Top Content rows
Double quote at end of browser version
Tracking Code: safari version detection is incorrect
Truncate Chrome version in IPUA SID UGA
bz2 logs not being fully processed
Exception in regex used to get list of logs sources
Error getting hostname from empty source
Error in stat()'ing DB files to determine is a call to analyze is needed.
Invalid serial could sometimes lock out all future access
Angelfish tracking code does not auto detect port for hostname.
API request: Segment filters fail with special characters
Name/Tag Dropdown disappears with long object list
Datamigration utility timing out
Datamigration: wrong dates in export
Double Quotes in Cookie field confuse AGF
Activation page not redirecting to login page
Row extends report table past normal application width
Some iPad browsers are not detected by AGF tracking code
New Profile wizard, browse log location, pops behind active window
Linux; escape spaces in log file names
Schedule Runtime does not allow GA Upload to be saved
Windows: angelfishd isn't restarting after serial entered
New profile Invalid value: session_timeout
Error when processing a profile that has default leech report settings.
Windows: Log Source File Browser not using entered file path and location
Windows: About: Server Status loading a blank page
Windows: Find Matches button causes File Name Pattern to double fill
Windows: Dashboard not loading some elements
Duplicate dimension rows in Top Content
Keywords report: last row is missing
Segmenting causes Row Numbering to break
Windows: Most Recent calendar menu is not loading proper date range
Task History Refresh buttons not responding
Windows: cycled back to activation page when trying to access anything in /manage/
Angelfish installer "Update" is not updating files
File Browser not matching files with + signs in name
IT Reports settings are not being applied
Datamigration is failing on request times with a '+' in them.
New Profile modal is not browsing FTP server, only local
Relabel "Visits Landing" to "Landings"
Firefox & IE: screen doesn't update after successful login
UGA tracking creating duplicate 'root' pages in Content report
Turn on caching for only certain extensions
File Browser: file list loads slowly
Task History: issues with new skipping logic
ConfigMigration: failing on required field 'Hostname'
Stolen Files Report: refstem field stores closing quote
Mobile Safari in IPUA and SID tracking methods
IT Reports: Pie Chart shows different KB count
IT Reports > Files; reports are not being populated
Task History: if job canceled, task history is blank
Tracking code generator not creating full javascript file
"Files" ending in '/' appearing in Top Files report
IE 10: File Browser lag, strange behavior
IE 10: AGFS does not activate on first try
Profile Datasource Info button displays FTP when source is actually UNC
Remove IP Address segment from IP Address report
Filter not displaying Conditions entry fields

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