Moving the Data Directory

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This article explains how to change the location of the Angelfish data directory after installation.

The Angelfish data directory contains database files for configuration and report data, and the default location is in "/data/" underneath the Angelfish installation directory. The Angelfish data directory can be moved to a local or network path -- for optimal performance, we recommend using local storage.

You can move the Angelfish data directory in five steps:

  • Stop Angelfish
  • Move the data directory to the new location
  • Update agf.conf with the new location
  • Start Angelfish
  • Update License

Before proceeding, it's a good idea to open a support ticket and let us know you are moving the data directory so we can unlock your Server ID or provide instructions for acquiring a manual license after the move.


Task Detail

1) Stop Angelfish

On Linux, you can stop Angelfish with the agfsctl (link to agfsctl?) utility in the Angelfish installation directory. 
i.e. "./agfsctl --stop"

On Windows, use the "Stop Angelfish Services: Start Menu shortcut to stop Angelfish.

2) Copy the Data Directory to the New Location

Make sure the user account that owns Angelfish has full access permissions for the new location.

Once the copy is complete, please verify everything is working correctly before removing the "old" data directory.

3) Update agf.conf With the New Location

The agf.conf file is located in the Angelfish installation directory. Please update the "datadir" variable with the new location of the Angelfish data directory.

Linux Example: 
# Angelfish Data Directory Location


Windows Example:
# Angelfish Data Directory Location

4) Start Angelfish

Please run "./agfsctl --start" (Linux), or the Start Menu shortcut (Windows only) to start Angelfish.


5) Update License

When you connect to the UI after starting Angelfish, you will see a screen saying the license is expired.  Click the Update License button: if your server is able to contact our licensing server, the instance will unlock.

If you have a secure instance (i.e. not able to contact our licensing server), please click the link to request a manual license.



Angelfish isn't working properly after starting

  • Please verify file permissions in the new data directory location.
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