Remove Internal Traffic from Reports

By default, Angelfish shows you all traffic to your website.  If you want to remove internal traffic from your reports, you can exclude it with a filter.

Excluding Private IP Addresses

Angelfish has a predefined filter called "Exclude Private IPs (v4)" that will automatically exclude traffic from (non-routable) private IP addresses. Simply add it to your profile - that's it!

Many organizations use private IP addresses internally - learn more about them here:

Excluding Specific IP Addresses From Reports

Create a regular expression that will match your specific IP address, or range of addresses and apply it to the profile. 


To exclude all traffic from the following 2 IP addresses:  OR


You can use this regular expression as the pattern in an Exclude (or Raw) filter:



For more information about regular expressions, please read the Regex article:

Help Article: Regular Expressions



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