How to Edit the List of Organic Referrers

What does this mean?

Consider a visitor opening a browser with no cookies stored, visiting and typing a few words into the search bar.  

Your site appears and that visitor clicks on the link to get to your site.  

This is a referral medium of Organic.

The Organic medium refers to a non-paid, naturally occurring referral to your site.  

You will find this report in Angelfish under Traffic > Marketing Details > Mediums.  

Angelfish uses a list of referrers that qualify as organic mediums.

By default the following list is used to determine what is an Organic Medium visit.  

This shows the source and the query parameter used (<source> : <queryParameter>).



You can update the list.

If for any reason you need to change the referrers queries that are considered Organic mediums you can update this list which Angelfish uses to categorize visits during log creation.  

The easiest way to update this list is by using the Custom Angelfish Tracking Code page, and changing the field named Organic Referrers.

Once you have made your desired changes, click on the download button at the bottom of the page, and replace your existing angelfish.js file with this new one.  

Since the tracking code detects and creates the Medium parameter during the visit, any changes will not be retroactive.

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